Lazy Kitchari

Doc, note, I dissent, a fast never prevents a fatness, I diet on cod. That there, folks, is one of my husband’s favorite palindromes, it reads the same forwards as backwards. I heard it in my head many times last month and thought I’d share. Another, also food-oriented, for word nerds: Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog.

In rather anti-climatic fashion, the fast is over. I did not complete the full 21 days. A few things happened that made me change course and I had good reasons for stopping early. However, to be honest, weakness of will played it’s part. I congratulated myself for going to parties and drinking tea instead of cocktails, eating cucumber slices instead of cheese. I felt determined and able. But my resolve faltered around day 13. I wanted protein. October 31 seemed so far away. One day, there was half a glass of beer in front of me, and I drank it. Then, chicken liver crostini. The fast was toast.

I am proud of myself for starting this cleanse, and for sticking with it as long as I did. Thank you to all who have been following and have been so supportive. The experience has changed many patterns that needed adjustment. I am officially off coffee! I have found delicious alternatives to wine and beer, who knew? Meals are smaller and more satisfying. I have felt inclined to meditate for long periods several times a week, which is a complete surprise. My mind is hungry to learn about all sorts of topics and I have been making more time to read the stack of books on my bedside table.

I never provided the kitchari recipe, and it will have to wait for another day. I was out of tumeric and whole spices like cardamom and cumin, so instead I made this quick and easy kitchari alternative using curry powder. I never found split mung beans, so I used tiny red lentils. Try this when the tummy wants something gentle. The recipe makes enough for several servings. One of my favorite meals is a black bean and kitchari burrito.

Lazy Kitchari

1 cup basmati rice

1 cup red lentils

4 cups water

3 tablespoons yellow curry powder (yellow has more soothing tumeric)

1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger

2 tablespoons ghee


Put everything in a rice cooker and flip the switch. Add quick-cooking chopped vegetables if desired. Zucchini is particularly good. I like an extra scoop of ghee on top, and a sprinkling of cilantro.

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