Easy Bouquet Garni

The husband has been sick for days with a decimating cold. I’ve been cooking soup all week trying to stave off illness. Miso broth with spinach, chives and frozen gyoza was a lazy first attempt when I was also feeling low. I recovered a bit, he got much worse. Thomas Keller’s French onion soup recipe cheered him up, but the cheese topping caused more congestion. For attempt number three, I went old school with chicken stock minestrone. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Since our food has been less than exciting of late, I thought I’d share this clever trick for making a bouquet garni. A bouquet garni is a bundle of aromatic herbs used to flavor soups and stews, and removed before serving. They can be made from any herbs, but typically contain thyme, bay leaf and parsley. I used what I had on hand, thyme from the garden and some sad looking dried bay leaves. Herbs can be tied into a bundle or wrapped in cheese cloth, but I like to keep everything secure inside a celery rib or leek tops. Here’s to your health, don’t let the cold catch you!

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One Comment on “Easy Bouquet Garni

  1. Love this tip! I’m not too knowledgeable about herb combinations. This sounds yummy! Thank you!

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