Now That’s a Sandwich

I read this LA Weekly list of the 10 Best Sandwiches in Los Angeles just before lunch. Knowing what uninspired meal options lurked in fridge, I hopped in the car, mouth already watering in anticipation of the banh mi sandwich at Spice Table. As you can see, it’s a beauty. They make the charcuterie in house, and they make it with love. It is served, generously, in the fold of a baguette with cool cucumber, pickled carrots, thin slices of jalapeƱo, a dousing of Sriracha, and mayo. I think the husband could eat this sandwich every day of his life, so I imagine we’ll be back soon for seconds.

I am looking forward to many of the sandwiches on this list. King Torta, I know we will become fast friends. Meatball sub, you know how I feel about you. Bay Cities, I have missed you. See you soon.

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