A Few Words About the Getty

Picture window eastern view at The Getty.

Perched high on a hill and perennially bathed in sunlight, The Getty Museum, is one of Los Angeles’ crown jewels. It juxtaposes massive architecture of quarried stone with light, airy courtyards. The crystal sounds of running water murmur in corners that seem perfect for coffee and contemplation. Manicured gardens are the foreground for expansive views in every direction.

I could go there just to walk the grounds, picnic on a lawn, take in the view and never step foot inside. That would be a mistake. Inside, The Getty is filled with an important, inspiring, and thought-provoking art collection and rotating exhibitions. Every visitor gets to ride a monorail to the top of the hill, whee! Admissions is free. I’ll say that again, free. Parking is $15, but those willing to park nearby and take the bus can pocket the change.

I went for a short visit, about an hour and a half was all I had. I purchased a decent lunch from the cafeteria and ate outside in a quiet area with tables, then took in the vibrant Crosscurrents exhibition that was part of Pacific Standard Time. I waited until the last week to see it, and it has ended, so if you missed it, you’re out of luck. There are still many opportunities to check out other PST exhibitions around Los Angeles.

I wanted to share my photos, to encourage people to take advantage of this gift. If you live in the area, GO! If you haven’t been here in a while, GO! If you are a visitor, an afternoon at the Getty is a great way to see the city and get off the beaten path. A friend who works at The Getty mentioned that the beautifully landscaped gardens are now closed for renovation, so perhaps plan a trip later this spring.

The Getty gardens

The husband snapped this pic of me enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean. I haven't made an appearance on the blog in a while, so, hello, here I am.

The Getty lawns, perfect for a picnic or a nap.

The Getty fountain in afternoon shade.

I missed the sign that warned against taking pictures inside the exhibition. Security nearly tackled me. I got this picture though. Ha!

The Getty recycles. Isn't that nice.

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4 Comments on “A Few Words About the Getty

  1. I love your guerilla exhibit photo! And the overhead shot of the people on the grass. Beautiful!! I need to see this place… XO

  2. great to see your face ! You look marvelous !!! You also give such great suggestions on fun things to do ! You are good PR for the city of Angels !! M* XOXOX

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