Happy Spring

An angel appeared in my garden. His name is Manuel, and he is the answer to my prayers. He is my new friend who comes over to help me in my garden in exchange for reiki. I get to play in the garden at pruning and potting succulents, and all of the work that takes me entire weekends, Manuel manages in a few pleasant hours. He rearranged my pots and made it tidy and oh so pretty. After he left today, I watered the plants and then sat on my bench watching everything glisten. There is still a lot to do: transplanting dwarf citrus trees, planting vegetables, creating a new herb garden. I have big plans, and now that I have a friend to help, it will all be possible.

This plaque and angel are artifacts from my grandmother’s garden. I love them so.

Tomatoes! This plant is from last year, but it stayed so healthy and is already blooming! Summer is at the doorstep.

I picked a bowl full of these tiny Mexican limes. I am thinking of trying to make Key Lime pie.

My next wish is to make this side path a lush entryway to my yard. Any ideas? I imagine strings of lights. Maybe I’ll paint the sidewalk a pretty color (like my land lord would ever allow it). The pots are place holders for my future herb and lettuce garden. Does anyone have suggestions for what will grow well in Southern California shade? Any cutting flowers?

3 Comments on “Happy Spring

    • If you do, be sure to get one without thorns. My tiny tree fiercely protects those limes with needle-sharp points. I wish I had known there is a friendlier version.

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