Lunch in the Park

I am stealing a moment to check in on things at Oranges and Avocados, to offer a fond hello to you, dear readers.

There is big news in my corner of the world. I have taken a full-time J-O-B, jobby-job. Corporate. Desk. Fluorescent lights. Deadlines. I am pretty excited about it. It has been a decade since I worked in an office environment, every day, for hours and hours. Of course, I still have regular sourcing work for my mother’s recruiting company, which I do at night, and a thriving reiki practice in the evenings and on weekends. This full-time job is a temporary contract, about four months. You know, basically all of summer. Bye-bye beach days. I am a busy, busy lady.

My posts for the next few months may be brief. I will be longing for my kitchen, and you will see little of it. I’ve been learning to use the office microwave. As far as I can tell you push a bunch of buttons until something happens. I now realize how silly I was to ask if there was a stove in the building.

It’s worth it.

I found a little park about a ten-minute walk from work to get out in the sunshine and sit on the earth. I go there at lunchtime to breathe fresh air, meditate, and read a good book.

Meet my cute new polka-dot Gaiam water bottle, so I do not waste paper cups at The Office. The aluminum keeps my water naturally cool. Meet my new aerated Toms, for casual days. Red shoes are the best shoes. Meet Mark Kurlansky, if you haven’t already. His deft writing makes interesting subjects captivating subjects.

See you soon.

Love you.

I have three jobs, mon!

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2 Comments on “Lunch in the Park

  1. I’m glad to see your 9-to-5-er hasn’t crushed your spirit ;)

    Kick it in the balls these next months and enjoy a little extra spending money!

    Love your Toms, water bottle, book, you.

  2. I love that you asked if they had a stove! I get why you asked it, I know you. But, for some reason that came out so funny! Also, LOVE this video! xoxoxo

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