Walk a Mile in These Shoes

It’s payday, and Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Flats, in particular. I need adorable, comfortable ballet flats in a bright hue.

I am going to tell you a secret: I despise flats. On my long, skinny feet, they look like toboggans. But they are a necessary evil.

Also, you should know, I’m really tall. Like, Amazon tall. So the expectation most people have for me, is that I should wear flats all the time. No thank you.

Still, I need flats. I have to walk about a mile and a half every day to and from my office to my parking situation. Don’t ask. I think it is ridiculous, but the walk has grown on me.

I happened into Nordstrom with high expectations. It seemed like a sure bet for something pretty and office appropriate. The selection was surprising, to say the least. I prefer whimsical shoes, but even my sense of humor was tested.

I found this:

And these, shall we say, Fuggs:

So I decided to forgo flats, and buy these babies:

4 Comments on “Walk a Mile in These Shoes

  1. Those are awesome shoes and an awesome picture of you in them!!! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed you didn’t go with the tigers…

  2. Ooooh I love them!!! This blog was hilarious :) fun to see what’s out there but wow how crazy! I think u made the best choice that day. If however you choose to get flats next time, I recommend Clark’s for comfort. I don’t know what style I have but they are super cute and comfy black flats. I surprised myself with how much wear I get out of them!

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